Oliver Ratzesberger

Books by Oliver Ratzesberger

the sentient enterprise: the evolution of business decision making

The continued explosion of data and the continued evolution of analytics capabilities will usher in the next analytics revolution beyond the Intelligent Enterprise. This book paints a provocative picture of the evolution of analytics capabilities toward an ideal state that the author calls The Sentient Enterprise. The Sentient Enterprise can listen to data to sense micro-trends, conduct analysis and make autonomous decisions with little or no human intervention at massive scale in real-time. It can act as one organism without being impeded by information silos. It is always evolving, with emergent intelligence that becomes progressively more sophisticated. This book describes the evolutionary journey of analytics capabilities that begins with todays Agile Data Warehouse and culminates in the Sentient Enterprise. A framework is provided to assess ab organizations progress along this journey and next practices that business leaders can harness to unlock the full potential of Big Data and analytics.


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