Ololade Akinlabi Ige

Books by Ololade Akinlabi Ige

ocean of tears

Ariyo is a beautiful lady eyes cannot deny. She is a product of rape but she leaves behind her worries knowing fully well that the world is good for no one. However, she feels it is very stupid of her to fall victim of what led her to life. She tries to always avoid intimate relationship with boys because she knows quite well that boys often come with different missions in which most of the time their common mission is sex. Unconsciously and consciously, Ariyo falls in love with men who end up jilting her and one of them raped her. Ayo is her last love. She loves Ayo and Ayo loves her, too but the principle of no sex before marriage is the only challenge in their relationship. Ayo’s friends keep intimidating him that he must taste what he wants to marry or else Ariyo will leave him just like his ex-girlfriends. Being unable to control the pressure coming from his friends, on an unfaithful day, Ayo attempted to forcefully have sex with Ariyo. Ariyo who had determined not to have sexual intercourse until her wedding night resisted Ayo and when Ayo’s power superseded hers, she resulted to self-defence by picking up a nearby knife to threaten Ayo. While struggling with Ayo, Ariyo mistakenly stabs him and this leads to Ayo’s death. The judge in her interpretation claimed Ariyo has committed the offence of murder and as such she is sentenced to thirty years imprisonment.


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