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2prisoners 1psycho

EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK ...One day, I got a ring from the state police station. I was nervous... although I knew I have not really done something out of place, I wasn’t sure which of my siblings I have to bail this time; how much it will cause and then the offense. I could remember the last time Josh was in the cell. Someone had smuggled a sachet of cocaine in his pocket – as he said. ...He promised me the day after his bail never to be brought to the police station again. “Could it be Gloria then?” I said to myself. Maybe this is going to be her second time of being locked up. The first time was her night at a club where she was mistaken for a night worker because of her outfit. ... a small black net gown that shows her red plain bra and panties with a golden waist chain in between both. I have told her many times not to wear those kinds of clothes until she had to accept my advice after a bitter lesson. She had sworn that she won’t be brought here again! COMTINUE READING IN THE BOOK

sam & ralph

Love is like a plant that needs water to properly germinate and bear fruits as its owner desire. In love, water is the effort put in place by both parties to see that the emotions they share yield forever. This water is what goes missing between Samora Philip and Ralph Morgan in just a short period that their love journey begins. To move on, Samora takes the path of career success while Ralph dwells on business advice to flourish. In between this story, the question you will ask yourself is "Did they really lose something?" The answer, thus, lies in its end. CHAPTER ONE: THE MEET SAMORA AND RALPH MET one rainy day. Actually, it was the time the rain had started unexpectedly. .... Samora saw a shed first and call the attention of others that are stranded to it. It was a closed shop near the road with a shed in front of it. Ralph packs his car ... He follows the ‘superwoman’ that has helped them find a shed. Others follow suit, trying to get a good spot. CONTINUE READING IN THE BOOK


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