Olubukola Jude-Oriakhi

Olubukola Jude-Oriakhi is a resourceful Human Resource Professional with over 12 years hands-on experience in recruitment, talent development, employee relations, client services and stakeholder management. She is a personal transformation coach, an Author, Speaker, NLP Practitioner and Trainer. Through her not for profit organisation, Phenomenal Woman Social Initiative, she has helped many people break free from limiting beliefs, transformed minds and empowered lives to live up to full potential. She daily influences and impact lives through her teachings. Olubukola holds a first degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Lagos state University Lagos, and MBA from Business School Netherlands. She is an Associate member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and Nigerian Institute for Training and Development. She is an ardent learner who is keen on personal development, hence, the need to acquire further certification from the following; Professional in Human Resource Management International (HRCI, USA), Certified Trainer by International Award in delivering Training, U.K, Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA) as certified Life Coach and NeuroLinguistic Programming Practitioner, a licensed GoalPRO specialist as well as Alumni of The Speakers Academy Basic Certificate Course, Pitman Training School, Lagos and advanced graduate of Daystar Leadership Academy. Olubukola has written two books titled Live Again and Break Off and a mini book titled Unlocking your confidence: simple steps to help boost your confidence level.

Books by Olubukola Jude-Oriakhi

break off

Break Off; How to identify and separate yourself from manipulative people is a book that every person should read. It provides learins on how to identify sand separate yourself, friend, family or aquitances from any form of manipulative relationship especially that which is psychological. Everybody deserves to live life on their own terms not on what others want for them . The book also gives real life experiences of people who have at on etime in their lives been victims of a manipulative person or was the manipulator. It reveals how vulnerable people unknowingly expose themselves to the camp of the enemy and they become meat for their bait. Break Off talks about the different emotional hot bottons that exposes people to their exploiters. We all have emotional hot bottons but we must live our lives in such a way that we do not anchor our happiness or satisfaction on another human being. You are enough all by yourself. Also, it addresses the need for someone in the act of manipulating others can change to become a better person.

live again

Ten years from now, would you be able to say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it. - Are you stuck in a rut of life? - Do you feel stranded and hopeless as a result of certain obstacles you are confronted with? - Where you born with a limitation that has defined or shaped your identity? - Wanting to start something new but you feel it’s too late? - You know within you that you are worth more than the life you are living? Live Again; A guide for living above setbacks in life will spur you on to take absolute responsibility for your life and set you on the right course for personal transformation to living the lives of your dreams. This book will help you; • learn to coach yourself through challenges and difficult times. • make small but intentional changes.- Today is the best time to START! • learn to live above the expectation of others. • see yourself through the eyes of God. God sees you as you could be not as you are. • Uncover the lies that have limited you so far. • fulfil your God-given purpose. • discover that all things are possible to those who BELIEVE. Live gain will help build your faith, challenge you to take action and also believe that you can overcome any limitation. This is a book that will transform your mind and empower you to live to full potential by grace.


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