Olubunmi Ekeng-Ita

Books by Olubunmi Ekeng-Ita

redefined destiny

One sunny after, the unexpected happened. One of Ogunsola’s customers urgently requested for a basket of cocoa seeds at Arun-Akoko. She was instructed by Ogunsola to deliver the product without further delay. She had worked very hard the previous day and tiredness had taken possession over her. The thought of walking a long distance under the sun, demoralized her completely. She hopelessly dragged her feet along the road, without any care in the world. While trekking along the dusty road, a lorry suddenly came into sight on the lonely road. When the lorry got closer, she saw two men and three women, sitting on top of some bags of cement. At this moment, the urge to escape from home suddenly overwhelmed her. Her intuition was activated and she thought a golden opportunity had come........... .


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