Olubunmi Mabel

Olubunmi Mabel is an RN and a graduate of psychology from Nigeria’s Premier University, University of Ibadan. She blogs at www.olubunmimabel.com where she shares practical relationship and personal development tips for women. A romantic wife and a lover of God, her fiction centres upon complex romantic relationships and not-so-unusual marital challenges. Aside from watching her kids laugh and joking around with her husband, Olubunmi enjoys reading and collecting books, interacting with her virtual friends, and eating scrumptious meals. She currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, with her husband and two children-Fimidara and Damifola.

Books by Olubunmi Mabel

the last time we loved

Against her boyfriend’s wish, Tolu keeps an unwanted pregnancy, which eventually leads to the end of their enviable relationship. Two years later, Daniel returns from Canada, desperate to make things right with Tolu, who had changed her phone number and blocked him on social media. Will Daniel ever find Tolu? And with Bisi in the picture, will Tolu be able to shrug off her deep-seated affection and hatred for Daniel? Set in Nigeria, “The Last Time We Loved” is the story of a young single mum’s journey through forgiveness, faith, love, and choice.

8 habits of couples who have the best s'x

There are two types of couples on the planet—those who enjoy s*x and those who don't. You are either enjoying your s*x in your marriage or you're not. There's no in-between. Couples who are having the best s*x in their marriage aren't lucky, neither do they stumble at it. They simply do things couples who are struggling with their s*x life don't—they adopt habits that make s*x enjoyable in their marriage. This is good news. It means any couple—regardless of the quality of their s*x life— can also have the best s*x in their marriage if they develop these habits. Join me as I take you through the eight habits of couples who have the best s*x in their marriage, and you'll never see s*x the same way again!


Getting married to her dream man, Femi, and preparing for her dream wedding, Jacqueline cannot be a happier bride. However, her happiness soon flies out of the window when Mensah, her ex, threatens to release her nudes on the internet except she meets his demands. Trapped between meeting Mensah's demands and securing her future with Femi, Jacqueline enters a world of confusion, fear, and uncertainty.


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