Oluebube Ezennaya

Oluebube Love Ezennaya is a minister of the gospel of Christ, researcher, best-selling author and human relationship expert. She has a vision to sweep the world with the message of Love as she believes that Love is the solution to the many problems facing humanity. Oluebube is passionate, result oriented and goal driven. She has played and is still playing key roles to foster unity, peace and progress in groups, communities and the world at large. She served as The Discipleship Cell Group Coordinator in the Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) for two tenures and was able to foster Peace and working relationships between members of the fellowship. As the Program Officer of Lifefount Foundation, she successfully led a team of volunteers who impacted thousands of lives in North Central Nigeria and it's environs with their outreaches that promoted emotional intelligence, health and self-care awareness. She actively participated in the United Nations 75 Dialogue on Reduced Inequality on the behalf of the Centre for International Education, University of Ilorin in April, 2020. She has worked with, volunteered and spoken at different groups and events, including at The Salvation Army, Citizens of Light Church, Kwarabuild Community, ISON BPO International and other platforms. Oluebube is a person of the people. Her love for God and People is seen in the way she relates with everyone she comes in contact with. She is reputed for spreading Joy wherever and whenever she is around.

Books by Oluebube Ezennaya

humana necessitudo: the rudiments of an excellent human relationship

So long as humans exist, the need to get on well and along with each other can never be overstressed as it determines to a great extent the progress made as a nation, group or an individual. Humana Necessitudo was written by divine inspiration. The author believes that it will help people all over the world overcome social vices and relate well, thereby making the world a safe and conducive place for ALL! It covers such topics as emotional maturity, identities and individual differences, love and integrity as foundations of an excellent human relationship. Humana Necessitudo is a must for every human being!


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