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meant to be

When the man you end up falling in love with happens to be the man who raped you years ago and the father of your son as well as your benefactor, what will you do? Follow Ayo and Kore on their journey of romance and love.


"Well, I have been thinking about it. Don't you think dating him would boost my career?" "Well, I think so. People would want to associate with Makanaki's girl but how you go take do am? Siri! Wetin you dey plan?" "How you know say I dey plan something?" "I sabi that face wey you dey always carry anytime your head dey calculate. And right now, you are wearing that expression." Siri laughed and said, "I am going to give it all it takes to make him mine and I will need your help." * * * * * * * What Siri-Egbo Oghene sets her mind to do or whatever she wants, she gets it. She wants fame, money, connection and recognition. Who would provide it better if not Laolu Makanaki? The talented and several Award winning Actor.


" I want you on your fours, naked right now." I immediately knew what that meant. I removed my clothes hastily with a Mount Everest sized fear and took the position he said, otherwise I knew what would follow, slaps and kicks and a lot of swear words. As I knelt down, my legs and arms resting on the bed like a dog, he pounced on me and gropes my breast as he began to deliver slaps on my butt. Simultaneously, he says, " Lying is not good for you, bit*h. Those who lie, steal and then they kill. Don't ever think of lying to me again. I own you, filthy whore. I know you inch by inch." Ruby is a broken girl but who says a broken glass can't be mended?

my book of quotes

I know you are not perfect but our imperfections are not written on our forehead either. Jollof Rice wey dey for the bottom of pot today, go dey for top of cooler tomorrow. - No condition is permanent. If life dey show you pepper my guy make pepper soup. - Make something good out of a bad experience. The journey of a thousand miles, better make u go airport go take flight. The same sex style will only fuel a patterned, in and out recycling chore but different style adds to the fun. Sex ain't stationary. Your elegance will lure a man to you but your intelligence is what keeps him..... Read on!!!

saved by love

She is a Muslim. He is a Christian. She met the Lord through him and he helped her know the truth. She began living it out and challenges began to pop out. But She was able to keep her head afloat with his help and the word.. She thought at some point that maybe he is the right guy until this smoking hot, rippled muscles, eight pacs, fun loving Son of God came around and changed her life.


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