Olufunmi Ehuwa

Olufunmi Ehuwa is a budding writer and hopeless romantic. She is skilled at infusing her personal experiences into her work for others to learn. Olufunmi is passionate about youths thriving in all spheres of life irrespective of their pains, experiences, background, status or ethnicity. She has championed various causes to help victims of domestic violence leave their toxic environments to start life afresh. Olufunmi lives in the heart of Lagos. She loves writing, food, reading and adventure. You can connect more with her on her website www.olufunmiehuwa.com

Books by Olufunmi Ehuwa

beyond the pain

'Beyond the pain... Love Me Some More' is a compilation of true life romantic stories of the author and everyday people who shared their stories with the author. This book will take you through a riveting ride of emotions - heartbreak, betrayal, joy, jealousy, anger, laughter and hope at the same time. The characters would trigger your emotions. But hey! Will the characters rise above their pains and love some more? Find out in this sizzling page-turning romantic stories' compilation.

the smart side hustle

A lot of people are daunted with the idea of starting a business that would be profitable but don't know how to do so. The Smart Side Hustle E-book reveals how you can start a profitable side-hustle with a low capital & how to scale up your business. In it you would find over 55 profitable business ideas and how to get started right here in Nigeria. The Smart Side Hustle is a mini Bible for Stay -at -home mums, Youth Corpers, Undergraduates & 9-5ers seeking to start and scale up their Side Business.


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