Olumide Abimbola Ajayi, Ph.D

Books by Olumide Abimbola Ajayi, Ph.D

moving with the agenda of god

Everyone that is born of a woman came into this world with a blueprint and items of their agenda of life. The desire of God is for everyone to live their life to the fullest and execute all the items on the agenda. This book explains the meaning of an agenda, the agenda of God, topology of agenda as well as the various components of an agenda and their implications for our lives. A major part of the book focussed essentially on four bible personalities bringing out the purpose of God and the relationship between our lives and the items on their agenda as well as critical lessons on how the agenda of God played out in their life times and ministries. Readers of this book will gain fresh knowledge, insights and strategies that will enable them to move in tandem with the purpose and plan of God for our pilgrimage on earth. I recommend the book to individuals, ministers and teachers of the bible interested in walking with God to make His agenda a reality in their lives.

mountain top: moving to a new height

This book, which has six chapters, it’s meant to guide you on your journey to the mountain top. Revealing the benefits and the significance of getting to a new height. It shows the path to the mountain top and dwells on the attitude and lifestyle that is consistent with the mountain top. Specifically, chapters four, five and six provides hints on what you need to sustain yourself at the mountain top for the rest of life. Using several Bible personalities and experiences, the book demonstrates that mountain top experience is desirable, achievable and sustainable. I recommend this book to both young and adult people that desire a consistent Christian lifestyle that will end in the pinnacle of life without any pain or regrets. It can also serve as study guide for pastors and minsters that desire inputs for their teaching and training programmes on this subject matter. I believe this book will bring tremendous blessing to your life and ministry.


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