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common sense is not common

The words "Common Sense" suggest to us that it is something that is common and general to all. However a close look at people's lives reveals that Common Sense is not common. The author in this motivational masterpiece takes you on a journey into the world of Common Sense. The age of Methuselah, the oldest man that ever lived cannot be compared to the Wisdom of Solomon.In this book, you'll discover over fifty uncommon principles for uncommon success. These Common Sense capsules come with in-depth explanation, stories and challenges. You cannot remain the same after reading this book

friends and friendship

The very mention of the word 'friends", ignites a lot of memories in the hearts of everyone.To some, of friends who have been a blessing, and to others memories of disappointments and betrayal, caused by supposed friends.Is There Anything like True Friendship Today?How do I Make Real Friends?How Do I Discern Unfriendly Friends?How Can a Guy and Lady be Friends Without Flirting?These and many more questions will be answered as the author takes you through practical steps inthe world of true friendship and you will reap the benefits.Discover the secrets to success in friendship and how your association determines your destiny.

love is not enough

Olumide Emmanuel has done it again in his unusual, simple, practical and loaded approach to writing. In this unique book, written for the singles and couples, he brings a new revelation to the issue of love in relationship. What do you do when after you are married, you discovered a terrible secret about your partner?With this thought-provoking question, the author brings us into a world of reality to see that LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH.

maximizing opportunity

In this motivational mini-book, the author reveals vital information about the opportunity, and helps position you to maximize and make the most of alllife’s opportunities. Discover the Seven Ways to Identify Opportunity. Discover Fifteen Universal Facts about Opportunity. It’s a Loaded Dynamite that Defines Opportunity in a unique way.Opportunity plus preparation equal to success, while opportunity plus lack of preparation ends in frustration. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize opportunities.

singles, thou art loosed!

In this book, you will:• Finally solve the mystery of love• Realize 20 things singles need to be loosed from• Discover 50 new wisdom principles• Discover a character of God alien to many• Be empowered to rise above relational foolishness.Get ready to be loosed because freedom is better. Singles Thou Art Loosed!

the new rules of love

In this revolutionary masterpiece, he brings “The New Rules of Love” for singles and couples to update everyone in the school of love.In this thought-provoking book, you will...• Learn the new rules of love for singles and couples• Realize the new trends in the relational world.• Discover the 10 characteristics of a real man and so on.Welcome to a refresher course in the school of love!

the pathway to wealth

In this masterpiece you will discover: How to develop investment mentality The power to get wealth The pathway to wealth The components of true wealth The vehicles of wealth creation What poverty really means, its causes and cure How to activate multiple streams of income How to activate generational blessings How to plan your retirement An investment opportunity that gives you a guaranteed 20% return per annum Numerous wealth creation principles, strategies and wisdom How to truly become a millionaire The book also include a practical workbook to help you practical’s the principles.

why are you not married?

In this book, you will get answers to the following questions: • Is marriage for everyone? • How does one prepare for marriage? • What are the different categories of delay in life? • Why are you not married?This book is not theoretical but practical. The contents have been tested and proven with shared testimonies to show. Your testimony is next as you read and act on all the book reveals.


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