Oluseyi Adegun

Books by Oluseyi Adegun

shadows: a collection of short stories

The stories we tell in the world of fiction are one of the most powerful communication tools we can utilise in humans. This communication is so powerful. In fact, within each story lies the power to journey into a person’s mind and touch their emotions by showing characters in a world and in a position where they would react and behave how they would in ours. In these stories, you may stumble upon pieces of your character but what matters is not the individuals in the story. What matters most is the narrative, how we imagine these situations in our society.

essential entrances to success

Think about it, any key without an entrance door, which it is to be applied, becomes a liability. Similarly, any entrance door without a key to unlock it becomes an obstacle. Therefore, any idea that is not implemented becomes nothing. It is what you are able to use that will bring out rewards, not what you’ve refused to use. I have therefore selected some important entrances, which will give you the minimum required techniques on how to implement your ideas in order to acquire your desires. They will also go a long way to help you discover your potentials, but you need to do something: devote your time to read and meditate intensively on the points in this book.

the human condition: a collection of poems

Today, poetry is often regarded less as an art form and more as a medium for self-expression. But a more important reason to write poetry is that it makes us think deeply. Poetry is a medium for expressing thoughts and feelings that language alone cannot adequately convey. The insight into human nature that even a great poem can let you see makes poetry one of the great pleasures of life. In these verses, I capture the essence of poetry, which is comparable to music. Music does not tell you how to feel; it helps you to feel. Therefore, this is not a collection of moralistic injunctions about life, individuals, and society. However, embedded in the words is a transformative power that would energise you, the reader, as you reflect on the thoughts and ideas shared. For many people, poetry is a way of understanding life, of understanding themselves. I hope that the poems in this collection imbue you with a new sense of vision and wonder.


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