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Olushola Abel Alalade

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walking with destiny

“Walking with Destiny” is a narrative story, from the “horse’s mouth”; told by a man of humble beginning-who gradually developed into a man of many parts by hard work and the Grace of God. After retirement from the Civil Service, in a new life which is completely different from the type he has been used to, he realised that he had been walking with Destiny and immediately decided to move faster in the words of Coach Cooper “Why walk when you can fly?” The opportunity came in the form of spiritual and voluntary community developments which had been part of his life; these he continues with strong passion, to the glory of God and to the admiration of his community, his town of birth and the people in general. The walk started from Ile Ife, the Source, through the root of his forefathers, Ila Orangun, to his town of birth, Igbajo in Boluwaduro Local Government of the State of Osun. His family background, typical of an average agrarian and itinerant African/Yoruba family, is well captured. Hope for education came when not expected, followed by a divine choice of career and seeking of greener pastures at home and abroad. Relationship posed a problem of combining studies with family matters but this he overcame with faithfulness, determination and focus. He exhibited a high level of patriotism. He came back home, settled well as a professional engineer and a family man though not without earthly challenges. He was surrounded by people but found help in God and decided to rededicate his life to Him and work in His vineyard henceforth. He developed consistently and gradually. He rose from grass to Grace and has put the past behind him. He is handling the present with caution and confidence; and now prepares for the future with hope and without fear.


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