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mirror conversations

Emotional Intelligence is the missing link between you and having your best life. Some of the issues we battle with are deeply rooted in lack of Emotional Intelligence. Developing the ability to know your emotions and other people's emotions, label them and react appropriately is an important part of everyone. With this book, you're one step closer.

crested crown

Life's sojourn will take everyone through different routes, mine took me to where you may consider a faraway dry land. But in the phase, I think fate wasn't recorded of me to have dry experiences. Crested Crown is a one-year life journal, so many twists and turns. The depth of the story may be considered a little too much for anyone. So, I shared scoops of what everyone can handle. In Crested Crown, you will walk in the shoes I walked in while I served in Kogi State. The shoes may not fit, but you'll know how not to walk.


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