Oluwafunmilayo Inemesit Adewole

Oluwafunmilayo Inemesit Adewole is from Ondo state but lives in Lagos state, Nigeria. She is a graduate of Covenant University with a passion for literary arts and screenwriting. Scurvy Validation is her first genre. When she is not writing, she is into a professional vocation with her camera.

Books by Oluwafunmilayo Inemesit Adewole

scurvy validation

The journey of a carefree phase in life becomes a race she has to win by strategic means. Fear of rejection and failure looms in the air. In this captivating drama, peer pressure is not the misery. It is a practicable struggle laced with self-inflicted pain of chasing shadows-a most dangerous terrain for a teenager to find herself. On a path to seeking validation, Anjola goes through many twists that greatly affect her life. Enclosed in the walls of a boarding school, her quest for acceptance, excellence, and an end to parental admonition is short-lived. The intrigues of time, place and sequential events will play a significant turnaround for Anjola. Read how Anjola scales through the hurdles that stop her from feeling the worth of her identity.


Debola, a native undergraduate imagines a happily-ever-after when she agrees to elope with Collins, the passionate academic who will go to any length to acquire his every educational desires. She looks forward to a successful adventurous love that will later heal and mend broken relations. The further she comes close to her goals, the faster her dreams crumbles and fills her with hate and uncertainties in a suspenseful play that takes turns through loyalty, desire, hope, hurt, betrayal, and trust. If there is a trace of true love in this intriguing journey, Debola will find out if it vindicates her defiance and sacrifices


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