Oluwakemi Lawal

Oluwakemi Lawal is a strategic Human Resource Professional with years of experience in Learning and Development. In her Learning and Development role, she helps with the design and delivery of bespoke training programs designed with Leadership, Management, Business, Employee Progression and Best Practices in mind. She is the Founder and Lead Facilitator, Young Professionals Academy. An Academy set up to equip professionals with effective workplace skills for personal and career growth. She is passionate about Human Capital Development and enjoys Reading, Writing, Research, Design and Mentoring.

Books by Oluwakemi Lawal

career 101

Being in the middle of job hunting can be depressing, whether you are a first-time job seeker, making transition to a new role or looking for new opportunities to advance your career. There are always large numbers of candidates chasing a limited number of jobs and it can seem as if nobody wants to interview you, or even return your calls. And even when you get an interview you can find yourself rejected just because ‘the fit wasn’t right, or I’m afraid we had a better candidate.’’ Do you know why you might not be getting those job interviews or offers? You need to find how you can improve your chances of getting that dream role to push your career up the next ladder because it is actually possible to improve the situation. First of all, are you sure your CV or Résumé is presenting you in the best possible light? Is your cover letter doing its job? Is there anything in your online presence that could be putting recruiters off? If you are getting interviews but not offers, you may need to brush up your interview skills, as they may not be doing you justice. These and many more insights are what I will be addressing in this book to ensure you are able to demonstrate to any potential employer why s/he should hire you above any of the other candidates who have presented themselves. You don’t have to be part of the unemployment statistics; you must focus on knowing yourself and designing a Résumé that keeps you at the front of any recruiter.


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