Oluwaseyi Akin-Ojo

Akin-Ojo Oluwaseyi is a Writer, Pharmacist, and a lover of Jesus. Born on the 8th of January and hailing from Ekiti, Akin-Ojo believes there is more to offer in the world of poetry and writing. His first anthology, Mountain, was released in 2019. There is of course still more to offer. Some of his works have been published in several anthologies including Matrix: The premier, Matrix: La penultima, Syrups and Nebules, Memoirs of creation, among others. Some of his works can also be found on his blog – www.seyisome.wordpress.com

Books by Oluwaseyi Akin-Ojo


Skyscraper is an anthology of write-ups by Akin-Ojo Oluwaseyi, also known as seyisome. The write-ups comprise poems, spoken words and a very short story. This anthology is his second, following the release of ‘Mountain’ on the 16th of March, 2019. Skyscraper is grouped into several floors, forty in total. It is divided into three main sections: Love and Not Love; Rainbow; and A Matter of Life or Life.


Mountain is an anthology of poems by Oluwaseyi Akin-Ojo, also known as seyisome, serving as his maiden anthology. This anthology has been compiled to mimic a mountaineer, who climbs from the bottom to the top of a mountain (well, this Mountain) encountering poems all along. The anthology is divided into three main sections: The base, The climb, and The summit.


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