Omolola Odunowo

26, Contemporary Fiction Writer, UI/UX Designer and Researcher, Software Developer, Bibliophile, Egalitarian, Anime Lover. Follow On Social Media @Mss_pinky

Books by Omolola Odunowo

twenty fine

Set in 2021. Twenty Fine tells the story of Ebube, a Travel Blogger and Chigozie, a YouTube Gamer; both Nigerian creatives in their twenties struggling with weight issues. Life and Cupid orders their steps and they meet at the Social Media Week, Lagos – a connection sparks from shared insecurities and challenges being overweight. Thus begins their journey to weight loss, forgiveness, healing and love? This is one story that teaches you to love yourself above everything else and live your life in the twenties to the fullest.

the apprentice

"THE APPRENTICE" focuses on Hamidah, a content strategist working in Lagos. On the eve of her 25th birthday, Hamidah finds herself in Kesh, an ancient magical Kingdom in the deep corners of the Zianzi mountains. Entrusted with a dark sword from a mysterious dying sorceress, a desperate Hamidah must find Elosek, the greatest warrior and swordsman in all of Zianzi if she ever hopes to return home. But, things are not as they seem and Hamidah will be forced to embrace powers she never knew she had and will begin to discover that her entire life has been a lie.

christmas flavours

Ethan Gates; classy playboy and American multi-millionaire comes on a one month business trip to Lagos, Nigeria to expand his fathers empire. Ethan asks his best friend and P.A Oscar to call for an escort service and this is how Ethan and Yewande, his escort meet but under very strange circumstances as nothing prepares both of them for a month together and a long time apart.


Kate and Thelma are from opposite ends of the social calendar - Kate is a nerdy girly girl and Thelma is a popular tom-boy who runs the school. Their lives get intertwined three years ago at a high school party where they are both dared to make out in front of everyone. Three years later, they meet again with Thelma still holding dear feelings she should have expressed 3 years ago but would Kate who seems indifferent take a second look at Thelma or does she really wish to forget what really happened between them? Kate's bestfriend Ene may just be that one person holding the key to all that really transpired 3 years ago but would she be willing to spill the tea? Find out in this very thrilling and romantic read.


Angelic Catherine and her college sweetheart Olamide had good memories during their time together but life forced the couple apart. Both lovers will meet again 12 years later but under very dangerous circumstances – Olamide now the leader of the most dangerous but elite gang in Nigeria and Catherine who now embraces a darker side with 11-year-old daughter Fisayo in tow will be left with no other choice but to face their past, present and future together fighting to protect those who matter to them most from the darkness that is their lives.


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