Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

Ruyi is a former cartoonist turned writer. When he was a kid, writing was the last thing on his mind. He loved music and composed rap songs for his high school band. After school, he wanted to pursue a career in music. Instead he embraced writing. Thanks to a pastor who encouraged him to write little books and make them available in bookstores. Ruyi lives in Lagos. Next to his family and friends, writing is his passion and happiness.

Books by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

the adventures of nihu

Nihu is falsely accused of a crime and is banished to the Lonely Forest. He is challenged with a mission by a magical character. As brave Nihu quests to fulfill the mission and gain his freedom, he is sucked into a world inside of a stone, visits a powerful ruler in an underwater city, and makes friends with a group of refugees only a hero could love.

tom the little man

There was trouble. Tom was at the heart of everything. When it involved the police, things did start to spiral out of control. You don’t need to know everything. You only need to know enough.

nowhere to hide

The police officer approached my car. His movement was not coordinated. To avoid suspicion that he was drunk, he tried to control himself. But every step he made only betrayed him. He was like the windblown rain, ship without a rudder, woefully tossed about by every wind that emerged from the belly of the sea. It was to tell if I was in trouble but from the long on his face, I was in for a long night.

little okon and the outside world

The mysterious deaths in Okon’s family triggered a chain of events. Left all alone and despised by everyone, he lived in a world where only fate could take its toll. Our part in life is to persevere and learn as quickly as we can for our victory depends upon our perception of the world.

mary has a little lamb

Friendship, loyalty and love put to the test in a tough forest adventure. As Mary drank from the stream, she heard Kuchi cry aloud. She raised her head and glanced at the field. She could not see much because there were tall trees around her.


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