Onose Callima-Inino,Sinmisola Ogúnyinka

Books by Onose Callima-Inino,Sinmisola Ogúnyinka

a miracle this christmas

A Miracle This Christmas contains two heartwarming, wholesome romance stories for this yuletide by two of Africa's award-winning authors. Barasuene last saw Tomiwa Ade–Cole five years ago. If she had her way, forever was not even enough time to be apart. As long as she lived, she never wanted to see him again. If you asked Tomiwa Ade–Cole though, he was a changed man and all he wanted from Barasuene was her forgiveness. Or was it? Meant to Be is a romantic, Christmas tale of forgiveness with a good dose of humour and a love so sweet, that just won’t let go! Zeke Collins is feeling lonely and dreading a quiet Christmas after his younger brother, Ziya, got married and moved out of their shared apartment. But God had a miracle waiting for Zeke this Christmas in the person of Grace. Except that Grace–her attitude or story–looked nothing like a miracle. In Routing for Grace, Zeke gets quite an exciting Christmas, definitely more than he bargained for.


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