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5 ways to verify investment opportunities in nigeria

We live in a world where almost everything can happen with just a click, including the loss of money to false investment opportunities in Nigeria. This short guide helps you avoid fraudulent platforms and contains practical tips on picking the right investment opportunities in a world like ours.

how to build wealth with a 9 to 5

It is a myth to think that everyone hates their job or has to “own their own business” to create wealth. It is simply not true. You just need to be strategic about where you’re headed. As shared in an Inc article, “Being an entrepreneur vs. a non-entrepreneur employee is just a matter of the road one travels to ultimately own assets of great value. It’s entirely possible to “get rich” or have wealth on either path. Are you an employee looking to rise through the ranks and grow financially stable? Then this guide is for you. Read and share with your colleagues.

how to create wealth as a woman

As a woman, you can and should have a wealth plan, one that's strategic and achievable. In this guide, you'll learn exactly how to get that done for yourself. You'll also want to share this with your female friends.

why you buy more than you planned and how to fix it

You walk into a store to purchase specific items and your goal is to shop for ONLY those items. At first, it looks like you’re sticking to your shopping list. But like a pack of dominoes, your plan begins to fall apart. You pick item after item and end up spending much more than you intended… Has this ever happened to you? Well, it doesn't have to always be like that. The truth is that shopping aisles are curated to entice you. That's why you need to be in charge of your money, not the other way round and this guide teaches you how.


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