Oreoluwa Bankole

Books by Oreoluwa Bankole

the words of the inspired

The words of the Inspired is a book written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This is a book in a template and blueprints sent down in simple format for the understanding of men and to reach out to them so as to their spiritual intelligence . It is a book written to draw men to Christ through the littlest matters of life; because little things is the foundation to the emergence of great things . These are not just ordinary words joined together to create a story but to change a life, because when one's word is inspired by God ,we would live an immeasurable life in Him. The Word of the Inspired.... a book to create a change in man's lifestyle beginning from the heart

in 21 days

In 21days is 21 days devotional book, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This is not just anyhow devotional book, but a book to put an end to passiveness and to create an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. This book is a written to draw men more closer with Father, thus creating a foundation for consistency in each and everyone's relationship with the Father.


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