Oreva Ode-Irri

The author of this book is a 23 year old Nigerian female who graduated with a degree of economics from a renowed university in Ghana. Oreva Ode-Irri is a lover of art and the simple things of life. This is her second publication. The first, was a novel titled ‘THROUGH THE STORM” She currently runs a blog – www.evadiaries.com.ng where she posts short stories, poems and inspirational articles. She is passionate about impact, growth, family and Jesus. She loves to learn and unravel new things, her eyes light up at learning possibilities. She is free spirited and full of life. She hopes that this book would meet people’s hearts in the places they need it the most – that it becomes a light in all the dark places. In her words “It is my sole desire that lives would be changed by the reading of this book”

Books by Oreva Ode-Irri


“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” - Excerpt from the book Absolution is a soul gripping tale of second chances. How broken do you think you are to have strayed too far away from the grip of redemption? What is it that makes you cringe and causes your heart to ache? What do you think is impossible to forgive? What do you do when you don’t know what to do? How do you move on from a past that refuses to set you free from its grip? How do you let go of all you’ve ever known how to hold on to? To your every question, there is an answer. To a very problem, a solution. This book is a story of three friends, one whose heart has been broken to irreconcilable pieces, another who harbors a secret she’s too afraid to share and the last who has no idea of who she is or who to trust. Somehow, their paths cross and their stories intertwine as a newfound friendship is blossomed. Together, they figure out the murky waters of their past and this thing called life.


“They lied. What doesn’t kill you does not make you stronger. It will grind you to powder” Dera Amadi is the life of the room, a giddy teenager ready to take on life until she walks into her father bleeding to death on the ground. Helpless. Afraid. Confused. Her heart is in her throat. Will this memory stay with her forever? “On the day that your world comes crashing down, there is no warning” The biggest war Jamal has had to fight in his life is the headlong battle with his father. This is the greatest strain in his life. Until he meets Dera. What happens when their world collides? What do you do when your whole world comes crumbling down?


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