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Frustrating isn’t it? It starts with a great idea but down the line self-doubt eats it up and you are unable to complete it? Or you just don’t think you are good enough? Or maybe you don’t think you own it – greatness I mean? P.U.S.H is exactly what you need. It would literarilly push you to someplace over the valley of your fears and beyond your dreams and imagination “It’s not what you don’t have that limits you, it’s what you have but don’t know how to use.” There comes a time when no matter how old you are, you realize that you need to unlearn, and relearn somethings. It starts with letting go of limiting beliefs, disconnecting from previous conditioning and rebuilding yourself with SMART goals. And it doesn’t stop there, pushes you further bringing forth your inner goal getter. This is what P.U.S.H provides. In this compact book, Othman Abdulrasheed takes you on a journey to discovering your best self. It is filled with motivation and inspiration that leaves you with a new found respect for yourself. The book is fortified with wonderful stories and pictures that helps your mind’s eye capture the information it is being fed. It’s time to be the greatness that you seek and propel yourself to someplace higher.


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