Otobele Akpesiri Rooney

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money sources: 4 proven strategies to raise and attract money to start your business

Making money has never been this easy, and so is starting a business. No matter who you are or where you are from, Money sources offers a proven framework to make money, start and grow your business. As you read, you will be exposed to new ideas, proven strategies that have worked across the world and the author’s own story of how he was able to overcome financial stagnancy and went on to build two successful businesses without any financial support. Through this book, you will learn how to: 1. Monetize your knowledge, skills and experience 2. Harness your relationships 3. Take advantage of platforms available to you 4. Exploit instant sources of business capital any one can tap into 5. And much more Thereby offering a blueprint anyone can use to create the same result, make more money, grow your business and become highly productive. GET YOUR COPY


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