Overcomer Ibiaduradara Ibiteye

Overcomer Ibiteye is a Nigerian poet and writer. She's also an alumnus of the SprinNG Writing Fellowship. Her works have appeared in online magazines like Apex, Iskanchi, Scrawl Place; and anthologies like Land Luck Review, Willows Wept Review, Uncanny Fiction, and others. She was shortlisted for the African Writers Awards 2021 and the Calanthe Collective Prize for Unpublished Poetry 2022.

Books by Overcomer Ibiaduradara Ibiteye

on the mount

The content and context of this work are centered around climate change; environmental disasters and how we react to the pain they bring. The title “On the Mount” pulls itself from one of the poems in which nature fades, and the earth seems to fold into oblivion with its inhabitants. However, the poem also gives the prospect of a better future, a hope for a universe that is tethering on the edge of nothingness.


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