Owaji-Mimin Esuiku Dimieari

Books by Owaji-Mimin Esuiku Dimieari

the other side of jealousy

My motivation for writing this book is drawn from the fact that jealousy puts students in trouble, I want to reduce the number of students that usually get in trouble for jealousy. This book teaches you how to love, be kind to one another even if the person does not treat you well as a friend or sibling, even if the person is rude or makes you feel like a loser. This book teaches you how to stand up for yourself, to be independent, strong, courageous and fight for what is rightfully yours. This book is also a lesson for parents to draw from – learn to balance your love for your children, irrespective of their academic performances. Every child should be loved equally, to avoid actions that bring about jealousy among siblings.


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