Oyegoke Mitchel Bunmi

Unapologetic lover of love and all things romance. I'm all for cheesiness and cliché lines but cringeworthy lines irritate me.

Books by Oyegoke Mitchel Bunmi

tseju's bayo

"Okay. What's your favourite food?" "It will be you after we get married, but for now It's anything you give me to eat." He deadpanned. Tseju almost choked on her own surprise. Sputter. More sputter. "Close your mouth shugah. I don't wanna share that space with flies." He said, the shadow of a mischievous smile playing at the ends of his lips. Tseju was still not talking, although she'd snapped her mouth shut now. "Next question?" She coughed. "Ahem. What's your favourite color?" "It was ice silver, now its the color of your skin." ________________________________________ Meet your Heroine, Tseju Anne Mobijilade, a not so typical but typical chubby curvy Nigerian melanin goddess who exchanged her heart of flesh for a heart of stone following her break up with long term boyfriend Benjamin Ayigbarin and now sees men as nothing but sex toys and external bank accounts. Especially Yoruba men. Meet your Hero, a beefy bald but beautiful Yoruba demon whose dimples set your ovaries on fire. Most eligible bachelor of the year, 3 years in a row Bayo Ayodeji Jacobs grew up watching his dad spoil his mom silly with love and has been looking for a woman to spoil silly with love. When their parts cross, Tseju finds herself falling hard and fast for a man who by every standard of the word resembles a First Class Yoruba demon. Will Bayo redeem Yoruba men everywhere? Or will he make the Yoruba Demon Association of Nigeria proud? I don't even need to say keep reading to find out, you're already reading!


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