Oyekanmi Oyeronke

Books by Oyekanmi Oyeronke

just a crazy black woman

TOO LATE TO LEAVE. TOO DANGEROUS TO STAY. What would you do if you married the wrong man and it was too late to back out? Would you just succumb to him? From the first sight on Instagram, Sandra was certainly sure Alex was the right man. Sandra had departed from Nigeria to the U.K. when Alex promised to get married to her after her arrival.  It had always been a great desire of hers to live in one of the western countries, so she didn’t question Alex’s intentions but jumped at the opportunity. She discovered on her wedding day the dream man she thought she had finally met was no woman’s dream man because Alex had his own plans. While experiencing what it is like to be an African in London and discovering many women have had similar experiences to what she is going through, Sandra goes through the ups and downs of working in London as a care assistant while also punishing and frustrating Alex with her insane tactics. Sandra was bent on not accepting defeat.


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