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all things...

As a single Nigerian Christian lady, Moyo decides to attend singles for Christ, a popular singles program in Lagos. Armed with all the information from the program, she is determined to follow all the teachings by documenting her life’s journey. She learnt that she needs to keep living till she is found. Equipped with options and ideas on what to do while waiting. she's at a crossroads. Are they achievable? Was it easy? Are all these teachings logical? To find answers to these questions, read All Things, a Christian fiction about how practical God’s teaching can be. It is a story of Faith, Love, Hope, Confirmation, and Reassurance that God can be trusted. A faith-based romance novel.


Married life can sometimes become dull, tedious, and repetitious due to various factors. One major factor is that the element of mushy romance has gone missing from the relationship. Interestingly, one of the easy ways to rekindle this flame is by sharing words of admiration, adoration and appreciation. Gratitude is a series of handwritten love notes from a husband to his wife. These emotionally charged letters were all they needed to overcome a formidable task. Do not miss out on how these letters transformed the lives of a married couple, Dotun and Busola.

late bloomer

When the brilliant and goal-getter, Itunu had all her life mapped out with the help of God, she had no idea how unpredictable it was going to be. She looked God in the eye and called him a scam! Late bloomer brings you to the door of total surrender of God’s school of patience.


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