Ozinna Obasi

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zyna's waiting room

Ozinna saw the need to write this book having observed the trend and the agonies of women trying to conceive and have children of their own. A lot of priorities have been wrongly placed and women bullied into subjugation and intimidation by both human and societal influences. These create a lifestyle of constant fear, worry, anxiety, sadness and unfulfillment for these women. 'Zyna's Waiting Room' is written in a manner that connotes simplicity and friendliness with some funny expressions to bring out the personal and practical side to it to allow the reader relate with the book. Ozinna also proffers some practical solutions on how couples can still live fulfilled and hopeful lives while pointing to the possible options available that probably were ignored These are based on her personal experiences and some of others. She learnt that rather than cry and worry over what she had no control over, she would channel her energy into helping women to fulfill their God-given assignments and maximize their potentials. And it has been most rewarding. 'Zyna's Waiting Room' makes for a very good gift to anyone who is not where they want to be in life. It teaches practical coping mechanisms that will help them navigate their period of “waiting”.


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