Ozioma Onyemelukwe

Books by Ozioma Onyemelukwe

a compilation of nursery rhymes and poems

Compilation of Nursery Ryhmes and Poems is a book for children, teachers and parents that are intentional in helping children develop memory and improve performance in school. As teachers use this book to teach rhymes and poems, they also teach memory and recite skills, it also helps with speech development and development of auditory skills . Nursery Rhymes help improve reading, spelling and other literacy skills. Teachers will no longer find it difficult in looking for rhymes to teach their learners, because a compilation has been done for them, making their work easier.

dimensions of life

DIMENSIONS OF LIFE is the story of a young lady suffering from sickle cell anemia; she fights to live a normal life and refuses to accept the limitations the disease poses for her. However, she only makes the breakthrough as she continually embraces the source of her life which is Christ Jesus.


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