Precious Idahor is the Executive Director and Chief Consultant of PI Coaching and Resource Centre. She is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Performance consultant Result coach, and Psychotherapist. She is Amazon bestselling author. In 2017, she founded a nongovernmental organization Women of Great Minds and Virtue whose vision is to inspire and raise young ladies to become the best version of themselves and maintain their self-worth and dignity. This is achieved through various empowerment programs one of which is the SHERO Hangout. She has worked as a volunteer with several organizations, one of which was The Youngstars Development Initiative where she got involved in a 30-day Self Esteem Challenge for young females and was awarded beautifully. She is popularly called Coach P.I also runs a coaching firm where she coaches people on how to make their efforts be in congruence with their results using tools from Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurological Repatterning, and Performance Consultancy where she is certified. She has organized a series of masterclasses one of which was the Self Mastery Business Class which launched participants into self-awareness, discovery, and actualization. She is an international award-winning coach and speaker. She has received several awards one of which is the Nation Building -Change Agent award by Jamie Pajoel International for her contribution towards Community development in Nigeria. She has been featured on several blogs and magazines and social media platforms like the Elora’s blog where she shared her inspiring story, Naijawoman Magazine, a brand dedicated to celebrating the life and achievements of Nigerian women: and in doing so, inspiring others. Her passion is to help, inspire and mentor young persons to be the very best version of themselves, equipping them with the knowledge of self-mastery and mindset reprogramming.


the beauty of pain

The beauty of pain is a pragmatic book that helps one in the mastering and transforming of pain. It helps the reader to see pain as not just pain as it were but as a gift and part of the process of becoming. It goes further to explain that whether pain would be turned into something meaningful or not depends on how one handles pain. This book shows a complete guide on how one can handle their unpleasant circumstances and turn it into beauty by dividing the process into well laid out chapters.


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