Pamela I. Peters

Pamela I. Peters is an educator and author. She is also a writer of suspenseful short stories which she often posts on her personal blog and social media accounts. Her creative works are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat wanting more as she unfolds layers of intrigue and suspense. Her debut novel, The Dream, is packed full with thrilling characters that have palpable spark. As an avid reader of thriller and suspense herself, her book, The Dream, gives you characters that you will fall in love with. Being a kids' writing coach and mother of two young boys, she has also fitted the characters and plot for children and teenagers to learn from and enjoy.

Books by Pamela I. Peters

the premonition

A MISSING GIRL A MAZE OF LIES AND DECEIT NO WAY OUT! WILL SHE FIND THE MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE? Curiosity took hold of Lucy as she watched Josephine look from Beulah's lifeless body to her blood-stained clothes. Then Josephine's memory of the previous events returned. Suddenly she looked toward the door and their eyes met! "Lucy!" she called out just as Lucy took off toward the wooden ladder! A simple game turns Lucy’s life into a whirlwind of misadventure with smugglers, a gang of pirates and a human trafficking syndicate who would stop at nothing to deprive her of her freedom and the opportunity to see her family again. What must she do to put an end to it all?


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