Pastor How (Tan Seow How), Pastor Lia (Cecilia Chan)

Pastor How (Tan Seow How) and his wife Pastor Lia (Cecilia Chan) are co-founders, co-senior pastors of Heart of God Church (HOGC) Singapore and co-authors. A lot of 'co-this' and 'co-that' because they are like Siamese twins who even co-share the same office space. They share the same love for sports and steaks. The only thing they don't share is coffee as she needs a full cup every morning. Lia is a former journalist, preacher, cancer survivor, worship team builder, trainer and CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer). This serial discipler has been raising young leaders for more than 20 years. Her life verse is Isaiah 58:12 - "... You shall raise up the foundations of many GenerationS..." How is the visionary, leadership, strategy and organisation guy. His passion and burden is to see Strong GenerationS Churches built, worthy of God's glory. He is also a businessman and funder but what matters most to him is being a godly father to GenerationS of young pastors and leaders! They are Gen Xers who raised Millennial leaders to grow Gen Z leaders to reach Gen Alphas. For more, check out PastorHow.com & PastorLia.com or connect with them on Instagram (@pastor.how @pastor.lia) and Facebook.

Books by Pastor How (Tan Seow How), Pastor Lia (Cecilia Chan)

generations volume 1: how to grow your church younger and stronger

This is the story of the kids who built a world-class church - Heart of God Church started as a divine experiment to build a prototype Youth Church. Now it has developed into a proof of concept that Youths can build a STRONG CHURCH. GenerationS is a mindset-shifting, heart-changing book that shows you how to raise up generations of young people in your church to build His kingdom. After over 20 years, this youth church, operated by youths, for youths to reach youths, still has an average age of 22. Find out more at www.generationsmvmt.com


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