Pat Uche Nwulu

Pat Uche Nwulu, also known as ‘The Excellent Publisher’, is an African Writer and Publisher, with over 7 published books in her name. She is passionate about personal development, economic growth, meaningful volunteering, and working with business owners to create sustainable systems and build financial security. Her dream is to reach the world with her spoken and written words, which she does through training, publishing, and distributing her books on online platforms. Pat Uche is one of Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs, she believes in excellence and thoroughness and she is the CEO of PatUch Concepts, a top-rated book publishing/printing brand established to provide printing solutions, turn manuscripts from rough to topnotch, and turn ideas, skills, knowledge, expertise, unique stories, into published and profit-making assets; as well as print quality books that authors can be proud of. Miss Pat Uche has worked with writers, authors, and other professionals from different sectors, who are currently making sales from their printed/ published books on Amazon, Bambooks, OkadaBooks and other online book stores. Pat is a Customer Service Expert, with a Master’s Degree in Administration and Planning. When she is not working, she is seen making music or playing the Piano. Connect with her: https://t.me/Productivitysummit

Books by Pat Uche Nwulu

finding yourself

Finding Yourself is a book which takes you through the thorough and exciting process of self-understanding, to position you for maximum output in every area of life. It cuts across every aspect of life, beginning with purpose discovery. It also gives you an opportunity to explore deep within to discover you can become more proficient and effective in your field/niche. This book answers the question of ‘where do I fit in?’ and ‘how do I achieve balance in different aspects of life?’ Everyone has a drive to meet up with, achieve something, be and do more. True success begins first with understanding oneself; this book explains that. In it also, lie soul searching questions that will improve your personal accomplishments and focus on things that are important.


Grow is a book which exposes tips on personal growth and development. It looked deeply into personal development from a holistic approach hence covering health, finance, spirituality and other key areas of human life that we have not been paying so much attention to. It is rich with self-development call to action and declarations at the end of every chapter. It holds the basic tips for success as a personal brand, in practical steps. If you truly desire to make impact, you have to develop yourself. It increases your worth and relevance.

baronial persona

Baronial Persona is a book of virtues, a gentle reminder of the sheer need to rejuvenate virtues that are gradually becoming neglected; also to correct the shifts in our individual lives and society. This book holds instructions for a happy life. It is specially written for the one who wants to know the meaning of value, trust and the definition of a beautiful personality; it is for that single lady who wants to know what it means to be single and happy, and for the one who wants to have a happy home. This book is for everyone who desires to have a balanced life.

the fourth future

Four amazing friends from different backgrounds meet in school and decide to discover an invention that will make the world a better place to live in. Kola, the toughest of them all believes that life is more practical than what is read in the books. Tyra, the only female among them believes in her ability to see things from the future. With their skills and gifts, the four friends are set to discover a future and make the world a better place. They believed in the bond and friendship they had. What was their project? What did they want to give to the world? Find out more as you go through the pages of this book.

heal: how to deal with and rise above sad experiences

Do you or someone you know suffer from prior trauma and hurt, such as depression, inferiority complex, abuse, rejection, unforgiveness, self-pity, body-shaming, hatred, etc.? Do you want to get healed? Keep an open mind while you read this book. Never omit a step. Allow God to heal you and return you to your true self by allowing this book to flow through your heart and spirit. Let go of your troubles and adhere to every instruction in this book. This book will support you as you recover. This book is about our daily experiences; how we get emotionally involved in family, social life, business relationships, and even family problems; and how to deal with and rise above the odds of life. This book will help open your mind to the reality of healing and show you how to grow through and completely heal from hurt, pain, heartbreak, guilt, and any negative situation.

you have a voice

Your civil rights are there to protect you against unfair treatment and discrimination in various spheres of life, including housing, employment, education, and others. These rights are the foundation of our democracy, and the laws that protect them provide for particular actions to be taken when they are violated. Knowing your rights allows you to recognize instances of oppression and discrimination and get advice on how to move forward. The ability to vote for your leader is one of these rights. As an adult citizen, it is your duty to use that right, and this is another chance to provide yourself with the information you need to choose the best candidate. Read this book to learn about civic rights and what to consider while selecting an election candidate. Reading it is worthwhile!

how to raise kids without stress

Many parents become disoriented while folding clothes, organizing carpool schedules, and mediating conflicts. It's simple to lose sight of our ultimate goal as parents in the search for doable advice and tried-and-true methods when we're under pressure to do everything right and raise moral kids. Pat offers parents much more than a to-do list in this, she gives us a broad perspective on stress-free parenting. “How to Raise Kids without Stress” shows you how to look after yourself as a parent in order to promote the healthy intellectual and emotional development that your children need in order to lead well-balanced, meaningful, and connected lives. You deserve to raise your kids without burning or wearing yourself out, this book is all you need. Go ahead and buy


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