Patience Saduwa

Patience Saduwa works as a journalist with The Nation, Nigeria's largest circulating newspaper. Her spare time is devoted to writing novels, short stories and film scripts as well as running a blog- truelifestoriesng.com

Books by Patience Saduwa

escapades of a bored wife

Crystal is a 28 year-old mother of one who is married to Aloy, an oil worker. His job working on an oil rig offshore keeps him away from home, wife and family for long periods of time. This makes Crystal unhappy, bored and depressed. Then enter Benji, a handsome, sexy IT specialist who moves next door to Crystal. Soon, sparks begin to fly between the two and an affair ensues, which has a profound effect on her relationship with her husband and marriage she never dreamed of...

tomorrow never ends

It's a love story with a twist, of lovers that time, period and space cannot break their bond and it's the first in a two book series. Oma Imoni is the workaholic and intelligent young woman who runs her own Advertising/PR firm. Her desire is to grow the fledging agency into a successful one in the cutthroat advertising industry in the country. However, she's not willing to compromise her standards for anything. Thus she lambasts a prospective client, Daniel, on a day of an important pitch, for daring to make her an indecent proposal of sex in exchange for the lucrative account of his company. However, they are destined to be together (due to a past connection) and love happens to them eventually. But it's a doomed love as certain forces, including an old family feud, threaten to destroy their relationship and happiness. Enter a mysterious figure simply known as the Seer, a man reputed to have the abilities to fathom things the ordinary eye cannot, a kind of mystic with mysterious powers. He advises them to embark on a journey to their past, to another time and place, to seek a solution. But can this save their love? And where's this place they are supposed to go? The mystery is revealed in Book 2 of the series titled- Eki: The Prince’s Bride

eki: the prince's bride

Eki: The Prince's Bride is the sequel to 'Tomorrow Never Ends'. It's a continuation of the captivating story of two star-crossed lovers who literally had to go to the ends of the world to find a way to be together against all odds. Oma and Daniel, on the advice of the mysterious Seer, Baba Ibeshe make a journey to the past in other to discover their past lives. In the process, they find out things about themselves they never dreamed of. This ebook is a captivating, thrilling and rivetting story of love, loss and renewal, written in the flowing, inimitable style of the author. It's a book that once you start reading, is difficult to put down!

escapades of a sugar baby

Escapades of a Sugar Baby centres around a young lady named Vanessa who lives a double life in the big city. By day, she passes for a respectable, professional lady while at night, she turns into a high class prostitute who works the streets for money. Then she meets and falls in love with Ron, a businessman and she begins to question the kind of life she's living...

escapades of a toy boy

Escapades Of A Toy Boy' is the story of a young man, Dani who specialised in dating older women for money and gifts. The 'player' got more than he bargained for when he met and married Rachel, a wealthy businesswoman, who was much older than him...

my wedding night blues

Oma and Raffe are lovers who, after four years of dating, get married in a beautiful and colourful traditional marriage ceremony in her hometown. On their wedding night, events that took place prior to the wedding come to haunt them which will change their lives forever...


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