Patrick Newbery

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experience design: a framework for integrating brand, experience, and value

Businesses thrive when they can engage customers, and then maintain and monetize that engagement. And, while many companies understand that design is a powerful tool, they do not have the vocabulary, tools, and processes that are required to enable design to make a difference. This book bridges the gap between business and design, explaining how the quality of customer experience is the key to unlocking greater engagement and higher customer lifetime value. The book teaches businesses how to think about design as a process, and how this process can be used to create a better quality of experience across the entire customer journey. It is also a reference tool for both designers and business leaders to help teams collaborate more effectively and to help keep focus on the quality of the experiences that are put in front of customers. The book explains How to use experience-centric design for better customer engagement A framework for thinking and talking about experience design, from a company and customer perspective How to improve the quality of the experiences customers have with your company and the level of engagement this can drive Practical tools and examples for using experience design


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