Perpetual Okoro

Mrs Perpetual Okoro is a modern day Titus 2:3-5 older woman who shares her life experiences in books with a view to giving wisdom to younger women. Her books are legacy books meant to leave a trail of wisdom for younger women if Christ tarries.

Books by Perpetual Okoro


RECONCILED is one woman's story through the up and downs of her marriage. What happens when a marriage with five kids breaks down for twelve years? It should be expected that each party packs their bags and goes their separate ways... and that's exactly what happened but with a twist... What happens when that same marriage makes its way back to reconciliation twelve years later? RECONCILED tells the story from the lessons of a home restored after twelve years of divorce. If you are a divorcee whom the Lord has given promises about the restoration of your home, this book is for you. If you are a divorcee who needs healing and help with forgiveness this book is for you. This is the story of a marriage fraught with tears, pain and bitterness but still put back by the hand of God Himself. What God has done for Perpetual Okoro can also be done for you. Read, be healed, set free and reconciled back to your home if that is God's will for you!


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