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high returns from low risk: a remarkable stock market paradox

High Returns from Low Risk: A remarkable stock market paradox combines the latest behavioral investing insights with 85 years of stock market data to prove that investing in low-volatility, low-risk stocks provides market beating returns, outperforming higher-risk stocks by an order of magnitude. Through a deep historical simulation period, the authors prove that their formula works even better than Greenblatts (The Little Book That (still) Beats The Market), delivering higher returns per unit of risk. They go on to show how investors can construct a low-risk portfolio for themselves, or select the right ETF or active low-risk fund to manage their money, and explain why investing in low-risk stocks works and will continue to work into the future, even after the paradox becomes better known. The Investment Paradox enables readers to achieve excellent, long-term investment results, while lowering their exposure to risk.


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