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In love with my readers ... More love for my characters ?.... More love for God.

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vile obsession

"Way to go. Rub your money in my face and all over my car because money works where good manners does not. I will have you understand that I am a lawyer and I can have you sued for destruction of properties and assault. I am tired of men like you in this country. Selfish and egomaniac. Control freaks and bad mannered. There should be a public program called Teaching Grownup Men Manners in Nigeria. It would cost you absolutely nothing to apologize and admit that you are wrong." George Million had been living the perfect life... for two years. The doctor said he had low possibility of regaining his memory because they were too painful for him- for he had forgotten his whole existence and that could only mean his whole life was based on pain. When he resigned to fate, he met the obnoxious and rude Emmanuella Bamidele who had seen everything there is to life. But just how possible is it to bring a dead man back to life?


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