Prince Chinweze Isaac

About Prince Chinweze Isaac Prince Chinweze Isaac is a graduate of public administration from Imo State University, Nigeria. He was born and bred in Nigeria and currently resides in the commercial hub of the country, Lagos state. Although currently working as a business analyst, Prince's inspiration for his range of children books comes from his childhood experience of reading and listening to African folk tales. His story telling style which is centred more around cooperation, trust and friendship was inspired by his experience as a student of public administration. He noted the major challenge that is peculiar to his native country as well as humans in general is deep rooted on tribalism, ethnicity and race. These ills breed lack of trust and cooperation, which adversely affect growth. Prince believe the best time to imbibe the virtues of love, trust and cooperation is to "catch them young". Being a Dad of two beautiful girls he is driven ever more to fulfil his childhood dream of being a writer but most importantly one that would help nurture the next generation. Who hopefuly would have moved passed the current vices of ethnicity, tribalism and discrimination that currently plague us all. While the author's own African heritage is an evident theme in most of his literary works, Prince’s books and the characters within make wonderful role models for children of all nationalities and creeds. Also the lessons therein and captivating artwork are enjoyed by adult readers as well.

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