Prince Udoyen

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colourful tears

It was 0042 hours, the moon stood still as the dark clouds bade him goodbye; the winds were quiet and all the trees followed her steps. It was a funeral for them. The bats felt terrified to fly this night just like the insects took caution not to walk around tonight. It wasn’t a curfew but even the spirits were scared of moving. The entire universe had only one sound, the heartbeat of Ada. She stood before the bathroom mirror. She looked like the Liberian girl described by the late Pop king, Michael Jackson with her fair skin pretending to be asleep. How could she explain to Wale that she was drugged? How could she make him see that it was his pressure that brought her seizure? She had experienced rape attempt by the Samaritan or so she thought. Could it be the prize for the lift? She thought it was a help from a good person but it was a bait by a wrong person.


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