Priscilla Canice-Obi

Priscilla Canice-Obi is the Founder & CEO of Nature First®, a NAFDAC certified nutrition and wellness brand in Nigeria. She is an Author, Personal Development Speaker, Entrepreneur, and a Virtue Enthusiast. She is happily married and a mother of two beautiful children. She’s the author of ‘C-Section Mom, Super Mom’, her first book, an Amazon bestseller. Priscilla is a Certified Health and Safety Professional from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, London. She is currently pursuing a Professional Diploma in Nutrition from Shaw Academy, Ireland. She has a first degree in Business Administration from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. And she also has an MBA. She is very passionate about helping individuals become their personal best and thereby live a life of excellence. She has interest in Agritech, she enjoys working on projects, singing in groups, and she loves Fried Potato Chips!

Books by Priscilla Canice-Obi

natural remedies everybody should know: a practical book on achieving lasting natural healing with herbs

This book is for everyone who desires to tap into the healing virtues found in nature. It is for all who desire to live a wholesome and healthy life; naturally. In this book, you will discover: How most of the illnesses and diseases that are destroying the lives of many have a natural remedy; what the remedies are and how to apply them to get the results that you desire. For those who are living with certain unpleasant health conditions, here is your go-to book on how to manage and reverse those conditions naturally, heal from them and be on your way to a healthy new life. You will also learn about healthy habits that inspire strength, improve wellbeing and longevity. This book speaks volumes as it is a project that proffers solution, offers hope, and helps you live your best life.


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