Qudus Adeyemi Oko-Osi

Qudus Adeyemi Oko-Osi is a public speaker, writer, poet, artist, and a financial & management consultant. He worked in the banking industry for eleven years with experience spanning three different banks before he resigned to join a financial and management consulting firm. Qudus brings into his stories his knowledge of banking and consulting as much as possible. Over the years, he has written several articles and poems, some of which were published on Hubpages.com. In the past, he also designed textbook covers and did cartoons for magazines amongst others. He hails, from Lagos-Island in Lagos State, Nigeria where he was born into a family with five brothers, four half-brothers and a half-sister. He spent his childhood growing up on Lagos-Island with his affectionate and caring siblings and parents. He enjoys reading, playing scrabble, and spending time with his family. He is blessed with a lovely wife, Glory and two wonderful kids, Jason and Janice. They presently live in Lagos, Nigeria.

Books by Qudus Adeyemi Oko-Osi

prisoner of love

When an astonishing love story forged in heaven suddenly goes sour… He was cute, charming, gentle, humorous, and fondly loved by many—he was a ladies’ man… She was elegant, beautiful, and adorable; an epitome of beauty who dragged along the sun and the moon in her radiance—she was a perfect definition of gorgeousness… A chance meeting ignited a spark between them that resulted in an explosive and intriguing love story rivalled only by the age-long story of Romeo and Juliet… His name was Tomiwa Lawson and her name was Rachael Jackson. Their story was one of absolute trust, undying love, and heart-touching sacrifices. They were the perfect couple many others wanted to model their relationships after. The passion for each other submerged them in a feeling they could hardly comprehend or find the appropriate set of words to describe. It was the feeling of being lost in a land of fairy tales—yes, the land of El-Dorado! However, the sudden death of a family friend a few months to their wedding set up a chain of events that shook their relationship to its very foundation. The turbulence was great and unrelenting, and the outcome could be terrible and catastrophic! What connection did the death of Samuel have with their magnificent love story? Would they be able to hold the relationship together or would it be the end of a remarkable love affair? What happened when an astonishing love story suddenly went sour? Find out in Prisoner of Love.

jewel from the ghetto

When love is found in the most unlikely place! She was not rich. She was not educated. She was nobody from the ghetto. He was not poor. He was not uneducated. He was highly-placed, born into wealth. She was a jewel in an unlikely place. He stumbled into the unlikely place. She saw him. He found her. He saw nothing else—no boundaries, no barriers, only possibilities! She touched him. It sent bolts of electric charges through him and flung him across oceans and mountains to cloud nine. He felt like pulling her close and kissing her succulent lips affectionately. The feeling was mutual. She gazed into his eyes and her searching look spotted something deep inside him; it was an inextinguishable fire and it consumed her in an instant. Her legs wobbled. Her strength waned. She could only pray she didn't fall. But falling might be a good idea. It only had to be falling into his strong arms and being whisked away into the land of fairy tales! What if while finding love, Simisola incurred the wrath of the wild, ever-scheming, ‘Slay Queen’, Shakirah? Or faced the rejection of the super-rich and highly-opinionated Mrs Williams? Or the schemes of the popular but hubristic American-trained TV presenter, Nicole? Would the ‘Alpha of the Hoods’, the hard-faced king of the streets, Scorpion, watching her back make a difference? If you enjoy reading fast-paced romance full of intrigues, suspense, twists, turns, and the hullabaloo of street life, then you’ll love this novel!

jewel from the ghetto 2

There is no madness like obsession and no hate like vengeance! If you have read Jewel from the Ghetto and found it breathtaking and captivating, then think again! Because that was only the beginning! The real intrigue, nerve-wracking suspense, heart-pumping action, and the most unexpected twists and turns are just a book away. After Yemi and Simisola weathered the storm and successfully surmounted every obstacle thrown at them in the first instalment, they settled for a ‘happily-ever-after’ life. Or so they thought. Because what happened next showed that such a life only existed in fairy tales! Shakirah returned from prison solely driven by hate and vengeance. Mrs Abimbola threatened fire and brimstone. Only one thing drove her—Revenge! An obsessed woman suddenly showed up from nowhere and hell was let loose! And at the centre of it all were Yemi and Simisola! Now that their life and happiness were under threat again, would Yemi and Simisola find the strength to overcome the onslaught? Find out in Jewel from the Ghetto 2: The Return of Shakirah.

the last bus

Eleven persons. Eleven backgrounds. Eleven destinations. Only one journey! When the fates of eleven different persons from different backgrounds become entwined in an ill-fated journey to Port Harcourt, they all come together to fight for survival. A smooth night journey suddenly went bizarre when the bus ran into daredevil armed robbers, and everything was thrown upside-down. Akin lets you into his world of fear, struggles, and anguish as he narrates, with a tint of humour, his ordeals while he and ten others flee for their lives. Would they be able to dodge bullets fast enough to escape the robbers? Or would they survive the horrors of being lost in the middle of a dangerous jungle? Would they survive three nights and three days in the claws of death? If you enjoy reading fast-paced action and survival stories with a tint of romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat all through, then you wouldn't want to miss The Last Bus!

study, work & live or relocate to europe without stress blueprint

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