Queen Ngozi Amadi & Ayomide Akinsola

Queen Ngozi Amadi is a Lady that believes in passion for profit. Her interest in Impact has given way and opportunity to tutor thousands to necessary skills they can earn from, and make a difference. She has always loved the entertainment industry for Leisures, as it’s the best way to truly express herself, and that made her perform movies on set, write a script once, and direct stage performances. Queen is a Socialpreneur; a Digital Marketer with love for Social Media Marketing, and story-telling which in its strength is Content Development. She is a graduate of Computer Engineering from the Delta State Polytechnic Otefe Oghara where she graduated with good grades. Queen is the convener for a tech-based program with women as the Core Focus “Tech Lady”. Queen loves to research, read, write, and listen to brilliant conversation.

Books by Queen Ngozi Amadi & Ayomide Akinsola

the ex i never dated

A story about two friends who were really close and were the envy of everyone who felt they were in a relationship. Christine wanted a relationship but Theophilus had other plans. It deals with the present day friendship circle, attitude and expectations.

100% productivity handbook

It's getting more difficult in today's society to remain productive, whether it's on a job task or just on personal hobby. You encounter a variety of distractions both at work and at home, which can make it challenging to complete all of your tasks. To finish all your projects, you probably work late into the night or have to put in extra time on the weekends. This handbook is a guide to productivity leveraging routines and schedule, you also check a checklist, and cheat sheet for delivery.


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