Queenbee Aurora

Grace Idem, with the pen name, Queenbee Aurora is a Nigerian Romance writer, whose love for love stories has seen her self-publishing several romance stories online. Her passion is to show love for what it is; a quality to life, but one not without strange entanglements. Her goal is to take Nigerian stories, people and unique culture to the world; this is the reason her stories are set in Nigerian cities, and laced with cultures from different parts of Nigeria. With this goal, she has authored five fiction books all in the Romantic Suspense. Her trademark is romance with a bit of danger. When she is not creating strong female leads, she is exciting her taste buds with culinary creations from her kitchen. She lives in Lagos from where she manages her Publishing Outfit.

Books by Queenbee Aurora

fallen angel

ENO MATTHEWS is a sweet, loving young girl from Ikot-Ekpene, a town in Akwa-Ibom state, where she lived with her parents, who were low level labourers. Her family’s meagre finance does nothing to take away her joy of living. She hopes and dreams of a prince charming, who would sweep her off her feet and make babies with her.

bullets and roses

LOTANNA is a twenty-nine year old lady going on thirty. The pressures from friends and family to get married forced her into leaving Nigeria for America. All the relationships she has been in had ended sourly after getting her hopes up. On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Lottie, as she is fondly called by friends and family, just wants to let go of her hopes of getting married and face her career. But fate thinks differently.

broken engagement

BECCA is a mid-thirties woman, who is career-driven, independent and ambitious. She meets and falls in love with a man from the northern part of Nigeria. Regardless of advice from friends, Becca continues her relationship with this man. She could not let go of this man, not just because she loves him, but also because he is all she has. Having lost her father and driven away from home by her mother, Becca has no name and no pedigree and it is these things that disqualify her from marrying the man of her dreams.

the rage of a broken woman

Sometimes, dead people do not stay dead... With Safiya out of the picture, Becca struggles to return to the status quo, which is marrying Bashir, the heir of the Dantata Empire. However, she does not anticipate that Bashir would take Safiya's demise to heart. With her customary moves, she is able to convince Bashir and his family of a presence of an heir and get them to agree to a wedding. But with the more moves she makes, the more complicated the game becomes as she does not know about strange enemies plotting her downfall. Has Becca come to the end of the road or does she have one last card to play?

poisonous temptation

...And lead me not into temptation. When things begin to fall apart in Brenda's marriage, the last thing on her mind is cheating on her husband. But when Mr. Bamanga, a filthily rich and sexy man saves her from the clutches of an angry driver, Brenda is awakened to her desires and all the things she wants in a man. He becomes too delicious to resist, but his temptation would poison her life forever.


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