Rachael Wanogho

Rachael Wanogho was born and raised in Nigeria. She has a Bachelors in Mass Communication from UNIBEN and a Masters in Creative Writing from Durham University, England. She works as a social media, communications and content expert in the technology and influencer space. When she is not creating content online, she’s strategizing on how to become a business guru in media, beauty and filmmaking. Rachael loves fashion, reality television and finds joy talking about the latest trends and shows she watches. She’s passionate about personal development and growth as well and has a library of books she calls her investments. She lives in Lagos with her siblings. The Life of an Indomie Girl, is her first novel.

Books by Rachael Wanogho

the life of an indomie girl

When the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic hits, Wumi finds herself jobless and decides to journal like the YouTubers suggest. What begins as a daily journal transitions into the rantings of a millennial exposing the frustrations and thoughts of a young immigrant Nigerian in cold London.


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