Rachel Ige

Ige Rachel is a Lawyer and award-winning author from the University of Ibadan. She writes short stories and poems and has had some of her works featured on platforms like FFM, TheNakedConvos, etc, and in anthologies like “Uites Write”, “October Stories” and “Epistles of Lies”. She has won prizes in Poetry contests like the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest 2017 (May edition), Scribble the Future Poetry contest, and Okigbo poetry competition. She was also a finalist in the Ego Aghedo Poetry competition 2013. Memory and Other Shards is her first book. “Terror” has been previously published in “October Stories” (A collection of short stories by Uites) and Flash Fiction Magazine (FFM). Likewise, ‘”Fate: Memories gave me chills” was first published on TheNakedConvos in 2017.

Books by Rachel Ige

memory and other shards

‘Memory and other Shards’ is a collection of fictitious short stories which is a product of an imaginative mind and a crazy society. From the long, twisted arm of Fate to the danger lurking in a home and the dwindling value of the Nigerian indigenous culture, this book is a broken mirror, with shards that reflect the society in which we live. What you see when you read, is a tinge of humor, a swipe of terror, and of course, a dash of madness!


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