Raliat Abe

Raliat Abe has over nine years’ experience in various industries like technology, travels, makeup, and beauty, etc spanning retail, product development, customer relations, beauty services training, inventory management, and staff management. She also has core experience managing technical and leadership capacities of team members within organizations. Raliat Abe is currently the Retail Operations Manager of House of Tara International responsible for overseeing the revenue, people, and operational activities in twenty-two branches within the country, and ensuring the achievement of sales targets and customer service standards in the company’s retail outlets. Raliat’s career has constantly progressed over a decade having started as an Intern and risen through the ranks in different roles including Retail Artist, Training School Instructor, Branch Co-originator, and Regional Retail Manager supervising Northern branches. Raliat was responsible for initiating and fostering the growth of Retail outlets in Abuja and the Northern Region while also leading the region’s staff to exceed the regional sales target and also improve customer experience index in the Retail outlets. She has over the years-built competencies in Retail Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Product and Business Development, and People Management. Raliat also has various awards and recognitions to her portfolio as she is the recipient and Winner, TAMS Nigeria Employee of the Year Award (NEYA) 2019 as well as a recipient of the company’s Exceptional Leadership Award in 2017. In her leisure, Raliat runs a female-led book club as well as runs her own beauty business consult for women.

Books by Raliat Abe

work smart & stand out

A highly motivated, committed, and productive employee is the dream of every employer, and every smart employee desires to stand out in their workplace. This book provides a guide on how an employee can become more productive and stand out in their workplace and also how employers can develop more productive employees. The author, Raliat Abe, has highlighted her experiences and documented the principles she applied that made her outstanding in her organization, earn rapid promotions, and multiple awards including as Nigeria's Employee of the year in 2019.


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